Free software plays one of the main roles in file management. There are many types of programs for managing and implementing file downloads. Installation emulators have been created for such operations. One of these applications is the Google Play Store. Google's service was released in 2008 and consisted of a catalog of applications distributed by category and provided with reviews and screenshots. You can install the software for Android for free. To download the Google Play Store for free for the official version, you can follow the link that is on our page.

Main features 

Most often, the built-in features of the program for convenient use are of great interest to users. Google Play Store offers the following features:

  • secure, confidential connection and data storage, because it is important for people to encrypt personal data;
  • backup copies were created for easy data copying;
  • if the user wants to restrict access to the application, it is enough just to enable the "password protection" function;
  • the parameters panel is a tool for editing functions and selecting parameters;
  • the "Favorites" section will help you not to lose your favorite resources.

Quick installation 

To quickly install the program on your phone or tablet, follow a simple instruction:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents;
  3. read about the functions and features;
  4. click on the button to install.

Resource usage

To begin with, the program will request authorization. The completed data will be encrypted. After registration is completed, dialog boxes will appear on the screen that will tell you about the functionality. The "Toolbar" will edit the parameters and open an additional menu. The user will be able to select the language and configure the application download options. "APK" is the center of the interface, as it contains software, screenshots, reviews. The user, if desired, can configure auto-update, as well as enable notifications. The purchase of applications is carried out using a paid subscription. You can make a payment using a bank card or an electronic wallet. To do this, use one of the functions of the additional menu and enter the card number, expiration date and owner's code. When paying, you can choose the format of the paid installation content: HD or SD.


Thus, you can quickly and easily install the Google Play Store and enjoy the offered content indefinitely.